Feb 13 In-Class Assignment

Guillermo Rojas Hernandez, Natasha Rice, Jaspreet Kaur Sohal, and Sai Phaltankar.

Natasha Rice

We liked that Natasha used the drop down menu to change the different tables that are displayed. We also like that she customized the markers on her leaflet map: she used coffins to show the deaths and blue water pumps to represent the water pumps. One area of improvement is that the water pumps could be a little bigger.

Jaspreet Kaur Sohal

We liked that Jaspreet color-coded all of the headers on the table to correspond with the line charts. We also liked that she changed the leaflet theme to a theme that had minimal use of color. She also used markers that aggregated the number of deaths in an area, and that made the locations of the deaths stand out. She also used colors well to represent the statistics on men and women. Jaspreet's solution was our favorite application.

Guillermo Rojas Hernandez

We liked that Guillermo added a tab to the webpage that describes the application. We also liked that Guillermo accommodated the dimensions of the classroom screen. One are of improvement is that the line graphs could be labeled more clearly.

Sai Phaltankar

We liked that Sai used a minimum use of color, and had color consistency among the male and female categories for all of the charts. We also liked that she changed the theme of the application to a black and white theme. She also used the sidebar well, to display the different charts on separate tabs. We also like the annotations for the bar chart and the pie chart.